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The Crystal Radio Hobby

My first crystal radio was a Radiocraft Remco Crystal Radio kit, that was made in 1967. Sometimes to improve reception you can reverse crystal diode leads; or reverse the plug where the earphones connect.

I built this Crystal Radio kit, before I was a teenager. As I got into my early teen years, I started to building Crystal Radio; by winding a wire to make a coil tube. I used the kit coil for a antenna tuner coil, and then the coil I made was the tuner coil. I used a 50 foot long outdoor ceramic insulator, insulated solid copper wire for the antenna. The crystal radio used a slider tune for each coil, and the secondary coil also had a variable capacitor used for it. I put a mica capacitor in the between the head phone out put; which made the sound louder. Later I put a mica capacitor where the antenna connector was and the crystal radio eve got more louder. The antenna mica capacitor made the signal stronger, and the mica capacitor between the head phones made the volume louder. So; now the Crystal Radio was loud enough to hear, if you put the head phones in a gallon jug, from far away or about 20 feet away. Later; I got interested in the Crystal Radio hobby, again.

The tuning coil is used to select different radio stations; that uses a rod and ball station selector. Thje crystal diode converts the radio wave energy to sound wave energy; that can be heard through a crystal radio headphone set

The Radiocraft kit is a simple circuit crystal radio.

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